Energy Projects


SEEV4-City supports the transition to a low-carbon economy, combining electric vehicles (EV), renewable energy and smart energy management. The project explores the potential of bidirectional charging (Vehicle to Grid technology) and the use of EV batteries as storage,  to reduce CO2 emissions and save investments in grid refurbishment works.



Project Parent (PARticipatory platform for sustainable ENergy managemenT) focuses on energy savings in households through the application of innovative information technologies. A  software-based solution becomes an extensible, reusable, socially acceptable and marketable platform, incorporating real-time energy information, novel gaming and other reward mechanisms to achieve energy efficiency by stimulating behavioural change.



GreenITGreen IT Amsterdam Region aims to improve energy consumption by intelligent IT approaches. Resourcefully supported the recently approved EU initiative ‘GreenITNet’. ‘Smart’ ICT decreasing electricity use is central. Objective of GreenITNet is to enhance EU´s cities, regions and countries to develop a Green IT policy framework, good practises & effective policies.



e-harbourselectric_lq_logo-300x77The EU project e-harbours, run between 2012 and 2015, pursues a to increase the use of renewable energy in harbours, as well as the amount of electric mobility thanks to the use of smart grids.


Amsterdam Vehicle to grid

Vehicle to Grid logoAmsterdam V2G demonstrates how e-mobility, renewable energy, domestic electricity usage, the electricity grid and intelligence can enforce each other in the smart energy future.


Zaanstad’s REloadIT

reloaditZaanstad’s own smart grid system ‘REloadIT’ is innovative technology for clean mobility. This system optimises the exploitation of renewable energy and electric mobility. This system has been developed during the e-harbours project, with support from Resourcefully


Manchester City Council (2013)

ireenEU Funded project on ICT for energy efficiency and performance
Resourcefully provides expert support on ICT and Urban Transport Strategy


Eneco (2013- present)

enecoResourcefully executes technical scan possibilities SmartGrid Maasvlakte2. Energy cooperation Windmill farm & Container terminal



MaasvlakteResourcefully supports project organisation “Maasvlakte 2” in their efforts to realise a sustainable green port. Optimal deployment of wind energy through SmartGrid technology. Secure, clean and locally generated energy for port activities is essential in the port of Rotterdam 2030 ambitions.


Amsterdam Smart City (2013-present)

smartcitySmart Sport Parks project.
Sustainable energy in Amsterdam Sport park project, energy scan & photovoltaic installation. Project on voluntary basis


Province of South-Holland

Schermafbeelding-2015-02-04-om-08.38.12Resourcefully supports and guides the province of South-Holland on water and energy projects on a predominantly European level. Numerous innovative projects in the province are under way for which Resourcefully provides counselling.