Amsterdam V2G

woonboot-zonnepanelenMeet the house that combines renewable energies and electric vehicles: Amsterdam Vehicle to Grid
Amsterdam V2G is Resourefully’s living lab, realized in collaboration with Alliander and MasterVolt. It is the answer to an upcoming problem: grid overloads due to the massive presence of electric vehicles and renewable energies; especially during the evenings. The solution? Using the batteries of the electric vehicles to store enegry produced during the day, that can be later used during the evening.
Amsterdam V2G demonstrates how e-mobility, renewable energy, domestic electricity usage and the grid  can enforce each other in the smart energy future.
Click here to access the main site of the project, where you can find a full description and a survey of the first results.  The main observations, still in validation process, are:
  1. The household increased the energy independence or, zero Emission energy autonomy (from 34 to 65% with V2G);
  2.  Solid decline in energy exchange with the electricity network 45% less compared to situation without V2G;
  3. Storage size efficiency reaches 93%  with 10 kWh storage capacity, this is close to a maximum storage level, more storage capacity contributes little extra;
  4. Operational energy losses in storage in DC batteries, and re-conversion when consuming the energy about 20%.
  5. Capacity of the battery and the degradation of this after in 2 year time is quite limited (ca. 6-7%).

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