Klimaatneutraal Oostelijk Havengebied
Het Oostelijk havengebied in Amsterdam is een relatief nieuwe wijk met kwalitatief goede huizen. De potentie voor de transitie naar een CO2 neutrale wijk is hoog. In deze wijk brengen we dit idee in de praktijk.
What we did
  • Analysis of hourly energy data (consumption and solar production)
  • Study the impact of EV’s demand in a prosumer community
  • Definition of a local market with simple energy-exchange rules
  • Study the effect of local EV demand shifting on increasing the community self-consumption ratio and users cost
  • In sunny months, the production rate is similar to consumption rate at the end of the day, so the introduction of energy flexibility elements and a local market would make a change
  • The introduction of 3 EVs’ demand suppose an increase of 20% the households demand
  • From the energy point of view, most of the year the EV’s could charge during the day, when there’s no households demand, increasing the use of local solar energy
  • From an economic point of view, with a local market this flexibility on EV’s demand would be translated to less cost for EVs’ users and more benefits for the prosumers with energy surplus.
What we keep doing
  • Project management
  • Dashboard development
  • Stakeholder engagement
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