Resourcefully works towards a sustainable exploitation of the most precious resources we have: Energy and Water. Our expertise concerns innovative ways to improve the use of these resources and we work on different levels:
  • at local level, addressing the needs of consumers and producers
  • at national level in projects that focus on the structure of production and consumption, and
  • in a Pan-European coverage where parties from different countries work together , exchanging information and best practices.
Sustainable use of Energy and Water asks for a flexible and adaptive way of thinking and acting. We will have to find ways to deal with the scarcity (or the abundance) of resources. In Water Management, the consciousness that we need to adapt to extremities (floods, rising sea levels, extreme rainfall, drought) has been growing over the past decade. Now more and more actors are getting involved in new, smarter, ways of producing and managing water and  energy. The goal of Resourcefully is to help develop and enhance these innovations in the Energy sector, making it more adaptive and more flexible.
Areas of expertise we offer to our clients broadly include:
  • Project Management on National & International projects.
  • Integrated Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning advice
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication services
Hugo Niesing, Founder and Director Resourcefully
The founder of Resourcefully, Mr.Hugo Niesing has an extensive working record in the field of sustainable resources management. He studied on both the Amsterdam and the Barcelona Universities. Mr Niesing worked as consultant with and for public administrations in The Netherlands and for European institutes. Key activities included international project and programme management with strong communication components, innovative strategy development and European assessments. As manager and coordinator he knows how to connect strategic, substantive progress and communication with administrative approval.
Maria Ferreira, Senior Manager
Robbert Misdorp, Strategic Advisor
Carlos Varela Martín, MSc Industrial Ecology
A RESOURCEFUL European Network
Resourcefully has an extensive European network consisting of a variety of organisations. Governmental bodies, knowledge centres, companies, universities, foundations all active in sustainable resource management.