About us

About Resourcefully

Resourcefully is an environmental consultancy focusing on clean urban energy and mobility systems. We develop projects and offer services to support the energy transition in urban environments.

We work:

  • at neighbourhood level, showing the value of energy generation and consumption through smart monitoring and energy management projects; (Examples of projects: East harbour prosumer community and Amstelveen municipality
  • at the regional-national level, with projects that focus on larger clean production steering consumption and flexible storage. (Examples of projects: CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City
  • at European level, cooperating with organisations from different countries to develop together, exchange information and share practices. (Examples of projects: EV Energy, CleanMobilEnergy, SEEV4-City

Our Vision

Resourcefully aims to contribute to the realisation of the energy transition in Europe’s cities through applied innovation combining the growth of both electric mobility and renewable energy, facilitated by ICT.

Growth in solar energy in the city creates an energy production peak between 10 and 16 hours, while the overall energy demand peaks are between 7-9h in the morning and 17-20h in the afternoon/evening.
The image visualises this mismatch between the moment in which renewable energy is produced and when it is consumed.

Solar energy and other smart solutions such as smart charging of EV’s, stationary storage, vehicle2grid solutions and flexible energy usage offer a good solution to address this mismatch. The second image visualises how smart solutions help to reduce the peaks. This figure shows how electric mobility and renewable energy can reinforce each other and provide a solution to make our cities healthier and more sustainable.

Our Mission

Resourcefully aims to provide solutions to the squandering of energy resources. As our society relies on the availability of fossil fuels and faces two main issues:

  • Fossil fuels are the responsible cause for increased CO2 emissions and local pollution, with major effects on climate change and health. An ecological crisis is getting closer, so the emergency for developing new energy models is double.
  • Fossil fuels are limited, oil peak is getting closer, and as demand increases at a fast pace, there are concerns that on a mid-term, we will face a growing scarcity coupled with an increasing demand, which will unavoidably have a significant effect on oil prices.