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Energy Efficiency with Hugo Niesing

14 May 2013: Resourcefully and sustainable behaviour discussed by Hugo Niesing in the latest edition of the NRG Magazine. This magazine has reached its 10th edition and presents discussions about climate change, sustainability, local action and the rewarding road of transition. When “We need energy efficiency.” became the main message of the International Energy Agency in 2012, the NRG Magazine decided to dedicate a special section to this topic. With climate change challenges becoming acute and local governments putting considerable effort into plans and projects to make their regions more sustainable, we thought the best way to present how energy efficiency can be pursued is by having somebody who has already been successful in it, talk about it. Hugo Niesing was willing to contribute to the Energy Efficiency section, discussing the REloadIT project and how he is living in a self-sustaining home, powered by renewable energy.

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