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Zaanstad hosts International Energy Conference

– Energy Matters – Sustainable Redevelopment 3.0 in harbour cities
21-22 March 2013 (lunch-to-lunch) Venue: Cinema Pathé – ZAANDAM
A new orientation in urban redevelopment is deployed. Urban Redevelopment new style: incorporate more of the cities’ existing capital, do it in a sustainable way and make sure it meets the users’ demands. Here energy is a leading theme, next to e.g. mobility, water & waste and communication. This new challenge not only calls for another way of co-creation, but for alliances with new strategic partners as well. But: … how to actually do this in practice? This is addressed at the two-day conference ‘Urban Redevelopment 3.0 – new coalitions with new energy: Energy matters’. It provides insight into opportunities and current examples across the North Sea Region.
Download here the complete programme and join the event!